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Why Ant design ?

Ant Design is a CSS framework that provides a set of predefined components that follow the Ant Design guidelines. There are several reasons why developers might choose to use Ant Design for their web development projects.


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Ant Design Guidelines:

Ant Design provides a set of predefined components that follow the Ant Design guidelines, which can help create a consistent and modern look and feel for web pages.


Ant Design allows developers to customize the default styles and create their own components, this can make it easier to match the design of the website.

Responsive design:

Ant Design provides a set of pre-defined responsive components that adapt to different screen sizes and device types.


Ant Design components are designed to be accessible by default, with built-in support for keyboard navigation, screen readers, and other accessibility features.


Ant Design is designed to work with popular front-end frameworks such as React, this means it can be integrated easily with an existing project.


Ant Design is a popular CSS framework, this means there are a lot of resources, tutorials, and examples available to help you build your website.


By using Ant Design, developers can create consistent web pages, this can improve the user experience and make the website easier to maintain.


Ant Design is designed to be lightweight, it uses the minimum amount of CSS and JavaScript possible, this makes the website faster to load.

Community support:

Ant Design has a large and active community that contributes to the development of the framework, this means that it is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.


Ant Design supports internationalization, which means that it can be localized to different languages, making it easier to create web pages for different countries and regions.

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