Kreate World

Kreate serves underprivileged communities and empower them to achieve financial independence, they have an ecommerce platform and they face difficulties in organizing their workflows in various kinds of products related scenarios and they want their platform to be visible to all mobile users in india.

Scriptus Solutions provide Kreate a web platform that is fully responsive and we improved their workflows and implemented complex functionalities in their ecommerce platform along with providing attractive UI/UX Interface. They have a wide range of products with complex functionalities and we make the whole process very easy and provide them with tailor made solutions that work best for them and it improves their market value and sales.

TechnologiesReact.JS, NextJs, TypeScript, Material-UI
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Teddly is a multi-vendor platform with a mission to connect people with their neighborhood store and facing issues in their interface along with site optimization as slow pages are the biggest pain for their customers and they want to improve their design along with implementing different ecommerce features.

Our Goal was to provide them with an optimized and engaging web App that facilitates their customers to make orders effectively and we provide them an effective e-commerce website that is optimized for different devices using different web performance practices and it improves user engagement, retention, and conversions.

TechnologiesReactJS, Tailwind
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