Jetson Food Delivery

Jatson is a middle platform between restaurant and foodies and customers get the order at their doorstep.They provide a hassle free online food ordering experience. With the help of our proprietary technology, customers can fulfill their food cravings instantly. When they order from our developed intuitive website/app they are notified at every step of their order process and can track their order in real time.

Jetson reachout to Scriptus Solution to create the whole Application and we take care of them by providing a complete platform for multiple features for restaurant along with foodies like Exclusive Discount and Deals, Instant Delivery at home/office, Place order with few clicks, Social Engagements and many more and also provide restaurant with the features like online business promotion, More orders, Manage Sales Report, inventory management,Targeted Market Campaign and complete dashboard to monitor orders in real time.

TechnologiesReact, Redux Toolkit, GraphQL, NodeJs
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