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Why Angular ?

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework for building web applications that can be effective for your website. Here are a few reasons why Angular might be a good fit for our website.


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Component-based architecture:

Angular uses a component-based architecture, which allows you to build reusable and modular code. This can help you maintain consistency and make development more efficient.

Two-way data binding:

Angular provides two-way data binding, which automatically synchronizes data between the model and view. This can make it easier to handle updates and user interactions.


Angular is written in TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript. TypeScript provides features such as static typing, classes, and interfaces, which can help you write more robust and maintainable code.

Large and active community

Angular has a large and active community, which means there are a lot of resources, tutorials, and libraries available to help you build your website.

Built-in tools and features:

Angular comes with built-in tools and features such as dependency injection, routing, and form validation, which can save you development time and effort.

SEO friendly:

Angular has a built-in feature for server-side rendering, which makes it SEO friendly, and provides a better user experience for users coming from search engines.

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